Article requirements

Requirement for the manuscripts of the journal
“Environmental safety and sustainable resources management”

  The journal will accept submissions which have not been published in any from elsewhere and correspond to the theoretical and applied profile of the journal. Manuscripts should be typed in Ukrainian (with three abstracts – Ukrainian, Russian, and English) only in Microsoft Word format. Papers should be formatted into A4 size (210x297mm) pages, with main text of 12-point Times New Roman, in single-spaced format. Margins should be set as follows: top=20mm, bottom=20mm, right=20mm, left=25mm. the text should be limited to 5-10 pages, including tables, pictures and references. The fee for one page is 30 UAH.

  The text of the article should be distinct, clear, meaningful and meet the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) of Ukraine. According to the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission (the Bulletin of VAK No. 1 of 2003, p.2)  the scientific articles should comprise such elements:



problem definition in general expression and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;



analysis of the last researches and publications in which the solution of a certain problem began and which the author refers to, defining the parts of a common problem which haven't been solved before and which the article is dedicated to;



forming the aims of the article (defining a task);



setting forth the research basic material with full substantiation of received scientific results;



conclusions drawn from the research and prospects for further investigation in a given direction;



  All illustrations (diagrams, pictures, etc.) should be clear black and white or colour prints, provided together with a text in the places of referring to them and in separate files (*.bmp, *.jpg and others). The preferable width of the pictures is 8, 15cm, or not more than 17cm for charts, maps, and other voluminous materials.

  Simple formulae and symbols are typed with a help of equation editor, style – math (italics), explication of elements of the formulae – run-on.  The size of the formulae should be correspondingly 12 and 10pt. The formulae are numbered if the text contains references to them; the number is provided in parentheses on the right of the formula, at the bottom of the page, right alignment. The formulae are separated from the text on top and at the bottom by one space.

  All physical quantities should be provided in SI system. Decimals should be separated by a comma. The tables are provided in portrait alignment, the background of the table should not be marked by different colour. The preferable length of the tables is not more than one page, width – 8, 15 or 17cm.

  The references are provided in alphabetical order according to the State Standard of Ukraine ДСТУ ГОСТ 7.12.2006.

  The information about the authors is provided as a separate file (in Ukrainian):

- name and surname;

- place of work (full judicial name of the organization and its address);

- author’s post;

- academic degree, academic rank;

- telephone numbers;

- e-mail.

  The authors should provide:

1) 2 copies of the article (one corresponding to the journal format);

2) expert opinion for publication;

3) extract from the minutes of the meeting of separate subdivision of the university or other organization;

4) review;

5) diskette (disc) with text files (one corresponding to the journal format), picture files and information about the authors.

  Authors are responsible for the accuracy of references and reference citations as well as for presenting facts and data which are not meant for open publication. The editorial board makes a decision on publication of the article. The text of the article may be edited and abridged without agreement with an author. The articles which do not correspond to the requirements mentioned above will not be accepted for publication.

  Editorial office address: Department of Ecology, IFNTUOG, 15 Karpatska Street, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76019

phone: 0342 50 59 42(73). E-mail:,,