• А. П. Бочковський Одеська національна академія харчових технологій
Keywords: occupational safety, professional risk, sustainable development, danger, industrial accident, occupational disease, updating.


The article provides analysis for semantic meaning of the term “sustainable development”
and personal interpretation based on the analysis. It was found that amount of natural and
industrial disasters has increased dramatically in recent years as a result of industrial expansion
processes, dynamic population growth at our planet and tremendous urbanization. It was
discovered that amount of large industrial disasters always exceeded natural ones over the past
few decades. Within technological disasters (among industrial, transport and mixed) industrial
disasters are the biggest in respect of the loss of property and amount of injured persons. The
article renders main principle of sustainable development and provides conclusion that modern
progress trend of mankind contradicts this principle. The article represents investigation survey
regarding ways of concept realization for sustainable development of mankind over the world
and in Ukraine particularly, as well as occupational and industrial safety role in such process.
The article describes evolution of occupational safety as a science since ancient times till
nowadays and contribution of great scientists to occupational and industrial safety development
The article gives analysis for modern trends of professional risks and technological
hazards in Ukraine and over the world. Based on analysis it was concluded that real danger
constitutes comprehensive usage (availability, circulation) of chemical substances at every
workplace throughout the world and tremendous use of I and II hazard category pesticides. It
was defined that 4.4% of unusable pesticides world deposits is accumulated at the territory of
Ukraine. Dynamic use of chemical substances at the production sites caused 86% of all deaths,
connected with professional activity of people. The leading part of occupational safety was
mentioned as a main element of insuring realization of concept for sustainable development in
the world. The article defines basic modern problems of occupational safety as a science in
Ukraine and represents prospective ways of their solution.


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