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The discussion on sustainability, as particular environmental research methodologies, aims to identify characteristic attributes that allowed passage of environmental data to environmental information and environmental knowledge; from Environmental Information System and Environmental Informatics to Sustainable Informatics, starts to interest more and more actors and activists focused on environmental protection - according to the definition spectrum found on internet exhaustive search.</p> B. Cioruta M. Coman Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-10 2019-07-10 1(19) 7 18 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-7-18 THE VALUE OF THE "STARUNYA" GEOLOGICAL NATURE MONUMENT FOR THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE CARPATHIAN REGION AND UKRAINE <p>The world-known paleontological location of the fossil fauna of the Pleistocene (42-10 thousand years ago) of the four hairy rhinos Rhinoceros antiquitatis Blum, and the mammoth Mammuthus primigenius Blum, and the only active mud mud volcano in the Carpathians, were declared in 1984. a geological monument of nature of the national significance of "Starunia". The monument is located on the south-western outskirts of the village. Starunya Bogorodchany district of Ivano-Frankivsk region, 25 km from the regional center. Several aspects of the significance of the monument are allocated for: 1) the development of a natural reserve fund, raising the category of the heritage from the "natural monument" to the "geopark of the Ice Age"; 2) the development of tourism and recreational business; 3) solving important scientific problems, in particular, determining age rappers and periodization of global climate change; 4) assessment of the role of surface and deep sources of migration of carbohydrate compounds, which is important for forecasts of oil and gas content of the Carpathian region; 5) substantiation of medical and therapeutic possibilities by organizing a salt-mud-ozotokeritovy sanatorium; 6) raising the socio-economic level of the village and district, creating new jobs for the population.<br>In the history of the research of Staruny, the stages of the opening of the mammoth fauna in 1907 and 1929, the appearance of a mud volcano in 1977, scientific Ukrainian-Polish expeditions with well drilling, geophysical and geochemical research in 2004-2008, the publication of monographs in 1914, 2004, 2005 , 2009 and 2017 years. The insufficient attention of the authorities to the study of Staroy and the enthusiasm of academics is critically appraised.<br>The mechanism of the formation of the geoactive zone in the Starunsky fold is proposed, due to the constant pressure of the Carpathian chinks - folds, which were squeezed from the depths to the surface of oil, gas, mineralized water, mud, etc. This created the appropriate conditions for the formation of ozokerite deposits, deposits of oil and gas, mud volcano, salt griffins, embalming of mammoth fauna. The author proposes to organize the Starunsky geodynamic ground and raise the status of the geological nature monument of the national importance of "Starunya" to the international geopark of the Ice Age.</p> O. Adamenko Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-11 2019-07-11 1(19) 19 33 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-19-33 TENDENCIES OF TIME DISTRIBUTION OF CLIMATE INDICATORS IN THE IVANO-FRANKIVSK REGION <p>The purpose of the study is to establish trends and patterns of spatial and temporal distribution of climatic indicators in the Ivano-Frankivsk region by statistical processing of meteorological observations. With the help of the software product Caterpillar SSA 3.40, the method of singular spectral analysis was tested for forecast models of the dynamics of the hydrothermal factor in the Ivano-Frankivsk region and deviations from the norm of the total annual amount of precipitation and average annual temperature of air according to the meteorological stations of Ivano-Frankivsk region for the period of 1990-2018. for the forecast perspective up to 2028.</p> <p>The novelty of scientific work is that it has further developed the research of trends and patterns of climate change for the territory of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast by establishing a forecasting dynamics of temperature and lunar rainfall data, based on the processing of multi-year meteorological observations of meteorological stations in Yaremche, Pozhzhevskaya, Kolomyia, Ivano -Frankivsk and the Valley.</p> <p>The predicted models of deviation from the norm of climatic indicators for the period up to 2028, constructed by the method of singular spectral analysis, prove that global warming of the climate for the territory of the Ivano-Frankivsk region will increase the temperature indexes, increase the amount of precipitation and reduce the hydrothermal coefficient. The hydrothermal indicator has a gradual tendency to decrease, which confirms the general climate changes in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. However, the values ​​of SCC for the forecast period will remain much higher, and therefore drought in the Ivano-Frankivsk region is not threatened.</p> <p>Research results can be used for predictive estimations of changes in climatic parameters within the region in order to make decisions for adaptation to global climate change in the educational process.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> M. Lahoida O. Yaremko L. Arkhypova Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-11 2019-07-11 1(19) 34 42 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-34-42 THE EFFECT OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION (EMR) FROM LAPTOP ON REPRODUCTIVE HORMONES, SPERM QUALITY AND PROSTATE SPECIFIC ANTIGEN OF MALE ALBINO RATS (RATTUS NORVEGICUS) <p>Humans in modern society are exposed to an ever-increasing number of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated from the production and supply of electricity, television sets, personal computer (PC), radio communication, and mobile communication, hence, it has become a public health issue. This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from new generation laptop computers on sperm quality and reproductive hormone of male albino rats. Male albino rats (10-12 weeks old) were exposed to RF-EMR from laptop computers which were grouped based on different exposure period (2hours, 4hours, 6hours and 8hours) for 4 weeks. The semen samples were obtained by caudal puncture of the epididymis from each participant for sperm quality analysis and blood collected by cardiac puncture for hormonal analysis using the chemiluminescent microparticles immunoassay method. The analysis of variance was done for the hormonal concentration and sperm quality parameters to check for the significance difference at 5% level of significance. The Dunnett’s multiple comparison test was done to test for significance comparison of radiation exposed groups and control group. Exposure to laptop computer display unit was associated with significant reduction in sperm motility, sperm viability and sperm count (P&lt;0.0001), testosterone level (P&lt;0.001), follicle stimulating hormone level (P&lt;0.01). For the sperm morphology, there was no significant difference in the normal cells for the experimental setup, however, the appearance of abnormal cells in the exposed rats (2 – 8 hrs) were significant (P≤0.001). This study therefore showed that EMR from a charging laptop can significantly affect semen quality, male fertility and rendered male reproductive hormone unstable with no effect on prostrate specific antigens.</p> Stephen S. Aderemi Kelechi L. Njoku Adeola A. Adesuyi Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-11 2019-07-11 1(19) 43 52 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-43-52 ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY:SOILS EXPLOITATIONIN IN CHERKASY OBLAST <p>The article substantiates the necessity of monitoring of soil condition changes and the formation of appropriate programs for the suspension of degradation and reproduction of fertility. It has been determined that in order to find out the quality of the ratio of producers of crop production to soil conservation, account should be taken not only of the amount of organic and mineral fertilizers, but also their correlation (ecological balance ratio).</p> <p>The composition of the main pollutants entering the atmospheric air, soil and groundwater from livestock enterprises has been analyzed. It is established that in order to improve the ecological situation and production of high-quality livestock products, it is necessary to use environmentally sound technologies and implement modern technologies for the disposal of waste, sewage sludge, and compliance with all sanitary and veterinary requirements in accordance with regulatory and legal regulation.</p> <p>It has been determined that the ecological balance of organic and mineral fertilizers in Cherkasy region is 1.7 times higher than the similar indicator within Ukraine, which is 2.6 and 4.3 times below the existing norms. The introduction of mineral fertilizers in Cherkasy region is 2.3, and in Ukraine is 2.6 times less than normal. The introduction of organic fertilizers in Cherkasy region is 6.7, and within Ukraine is 16.0 times less than normal.</p> <p>Applying the coefficient of ecological balance of introducing organic and mineral fertilizers in crop production, the level of soil conservation in Cherkassy region was studied. It was found that the level of soil conservation in Cherkasy region is 0.39, and in Ukraine 0.23, which, both at the level of Cherkasy region and at the country level, leads to degradation of soils and indicates a low technological and ecological culture of agricultural producers.</p> <p>Key words: organic fertilizers, mineral fertilizers, soil, ecological balance coefficient, agricultural production.</p> O. Buzhyn A. Shvydenko O. Kulitsa R. Zaiets V. Hora Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-11 2019-07-11 1(19) 53 58 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-53-58 GEOINFORMATION ASSESSMENT OF GROUNDWATER CONTAMINATION RISK WITHIN THE CHERNIGIV REGION <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>The purpose of the study is the spatial assessment of the risk for aquifer contamination within the administrative Chernihiv region using GIS technologies. The authors have proposed a geoinformation approach to determining the level of groundwater pollution risk for different aquifers, based on the allocation of the different types of landscape hydrogeological complexes within the studied area. The possible sources of the underground hydrosphere pollution, the impact of which can lead to emergencies associated with the contamination of groundwater, used for household drinking water supply, were discovered for the Chernihiv region. The structure of spatial and attribute data on hydrogeological zoning, aquifers vulnerability and potential sources of groundwater pollution has been developed with geoinformation software. Geodatabase creating allows to perform a special analysis and create thematic maps for the assessment and visualization of the emergencies risk as a result of groundwater contamination for different aquifers. The overlay analysis of cartographic layers of hydrogeological and administrative zoning and places of potential pollution sources localization was performed. The total risk of emergencies occurrence as a result of the unconfined and confined aquifers pollution within the administrative districts of the Chernihiv region was calculated. The obtained research results show that the north-western part of the territory of the Chernihiv region has the highest groundwater vulnerability to man-made impact (very high risk of contamination of the first from the surface unconfined aquifer). The territory of the south-eastern part of the region with well-protected aquifers can be used for the organization of background hydrogeological monitoring.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> L. Davybida V. Podholov Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-11 2019-07-11 1(19) 59 68 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-59-68 A NEW APPROACH TO THE RESTORATION CONTROL SYNTHESIS FOR REMOTELY PILOTED LITERAL EQUIPMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING <p>A new approach to the synthesis of restorative control for remotely manned airborne environmental monitoring devices is proposed. The possibility of using the concept of inverse dynamics problems for the synthesis of control systems of remotely manned aircraft for stabilization on a given trajectory of motion in a stochastic setting is substantiated. The main task is to construct a system of control of the program traffic, which ensures the implementation of a programmed trajectory with a given accuracy in the presence of various kinds of perturbations.</p> <p>It is proposed to develop the algorithms of synthesis of restorative control for remotely manned aircraft using the concept of inverse dynamics problems. The efficiency of the remote control manned flying machine control algorithm on the basis of the solution of the inverse dynamics problem for a stochastic multidimensional automatic system on the model example is estimated.</p> <p>This concept involves the formation of a given trajectory of motion in the event of an unusual situation. The method of synthesis of restoring control using the concept of reverse dynamic tasks is expedient to apply in the construction of remote control manned flight control systems. The proposed approach can be applied to both one-dimensional and multidimensional systems of automatic control of complex dynamic objects.</p> O. Mashkov V. Trysnyuk Y. Mamchur S. Zhukauskas S. Nihorodova A. Kurylo Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-11 2019-07-11 1(19) 69 77 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-69-77 SCOPING METHODOLOGY IN EIA PROCEDURES <p>The paper considers the problem of determining the amount and level of detail of the study in the procedures for assessing environmental impacts and strategic environmental assessment. Based on a deep analysis of the scoping process of international environmental assessment systems for planned activities for Internet resources and Internet portals, as well as modern Ukrainian environmental legislation, the author proposes a methodology for determining the scope and level of detail of the study in the procedures for assessing environmental impacts and strategic environmental assessment.</p> <p>The process of determining the scope and level of detail of the research in the procedures for assessing environmental impacts and strategic environmental assessment is a particularly important and most important stage in the planning of environmental, environmental and environmental impact assessment work.</p> <p>Determining the scope and level of detail of the study is scupping, a process designed to enhance the effectiveness of EIA and SEA procedures by identifying key issues, interests and alternatives that require research. This information will allow those responsible for the implementation of the ATS to properly target the research team to study significant issues. In addition, the systematic identification of tasks reduces the likelihood that an EIA and SEA report will have serious omissions, thereby avoiding delays associated with the need to process a report. Task definition is performed to ensure that time and money will not be wasted for collecting unnecessary raw data or performing unnecessary research, and important issues will not be missed.</p> <p>The article also substantiates the results of scoping. The author proposes to compile a technical task for conducting an EIA and SEA based on scoping results.</p> <p><strong>Key words:</strong> scoping, environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment, ecological assessment, subject of management.</p> Ya. Adamenko Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-11 2019-07-11 1(19) 78 84 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-78-84 ANALYSIS OF POLLUTANTS EMISSIONS INTO THE ATMOSPHERE BY STATIONARY SOURCES <p>Ivano-Frankivsk region was taken to estimate the emission of harmful substances into the air, since this region has a considerable amount of recreational resources.</p> <p>Waste generation of electricity at thermal power plants complicate the ecological situation in the country. Solving the problems associated with environmental protection and improving the quality of its social component is becoming more relevant. The urgency is to reduce the technogenic load on the environment by heat generating companies.</p> <p>The purpose of the work is to analyze and forecast the emission of pollutants into the air by stationary sources. In the process of research, the issues were solved analysis of ground concentrations of pollutants on the border of the sanitary protection zone and forecasted estimate of future emissions.</p> <p>The change of emissions of pollutants for a certain period of time is analyzed. For the analysis of the existing emissions of Burshtinskaya TPP and their comparison with the MAC, the ground concentrations of pollutants at the boundary of the sanitary-protective zone are calculated. Burshtyn TPP falls into the second category of danger. The projected estimate of future emissions is constructed and measures are taken to minimize them. The toxicity index has been calculated taking into account weight coefficients. The analysis of emissions indicates excessive MAC for some pollutants. According to the toxicity index, which takes into account both the hazard class of substance and the degree of exceeding the MPC, measures are recommended for the reduction of emissions of certain substances and the choice of fuel with a lower content.</p> <p>It is recommended to choose a fuel with a lower content in emissions not only of substances such as nitrogen oxide, suspended solids, sulfur dioxide, but also lead and its compounds. When installing and reconstructing flue gas cleaning systems for Burshtinskaya TPP, it is necessary to take into account the filtration capacity of equipment for substances with a high toxicity index.</p> <p>To unify the calculations, analysis in the context of the selected time period, the possibility of application for other objects of management software was developed.</p> G. Kryvenko L. Vozniak V. Zorin Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-11 2019-07-11 1(19) 85 93 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-85-93 INDOOR AIR QUALITY AND MICROBIAL ASSESSMENT OF A NIGERIAN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS IN LAGOS, NIGERIA <p style="margin: 0cm; margin-bottom: .0001pt; text-align: justify; text-indent: 1.0cm; line-height: 90%;"><span lang="UK" style="font-size: 11.0pt; line-height: 90%;">Good indoor air quality improves productivity at the workplace. On the other hand, poor indoor air quality could lead to losses in productivity as a result of comfort problems, ill health and sickness-absenteeism. The aim of the study was to assess indoor air quality in various rooms of university buildings covering the offices, lecture theatre, laboratory or workshops and public restroom across eight faculties in a conventional university. Investigations were conducted at twenty-nine indoor locations in the main campus of University of Lagos. Noise level, PM2.5, PM10, relative humidity and temperature, CO, SO<sub>2</sub>, NOx, and the microbial quality (fungal and bacterial) were all determined. The microbial quality was determined using the sedimentation method (open petri dishes) containing different culture media for sample collection. Noise level ranged from 61.60 to 84.10 dBA. The noise level is quite high in almost all sampling points especially in the workshops, yet there was no significant difference (P&gt;0.05) across all the indoor sampling points and the WHO limit.SO2 were mostly absence, however, the highest value of 0.4 ppm was recorded which was higher than recommended limit of 0.1 ppm.PM2.5 ranged between 4.0–25.0 µg/m<sup>3</sup> and PM10 were between 8.0–47.0 µg/m<sup>3</sup>. Though, there was high variation in PM2.5 and PM10 across all the indoor sampling points, there were no significant difference (P&gt;0.05). They were below the maximum limit of 150 µg/m<sup>3</sup>.The total fungi load ranged from 10.4 to 963 CFU/m<sup>3</sup>. There was generally higher number of fungi in the restroom than all the other indoor environments and they were significant in Faculty of social sciences. Fungi isolates include Aspergillus spp. (86.2%), unidentified mold (13.77%) and Sporothrix schenckii (0.03%). Total bacteria load ranged from 96.3 to 689 CFU/m<sup>3</sup>. The lowest load of bacteria (9.63 x 101 CFU/m<sup>3</sup>) was recorded in the dean’s office at the faculty of environmental science. The rest rooms have higher bacterial load (6.89 x 102 CFU/m<sup>3</sup>), which was higher than the recommended maximum limit of 500 CFU/m<sup>3</sup>. Identification from the colonies showed that about 55% were gram negative and 45% were gram negative cells. Morphological studies showed that cocci were also more predominant over the bacillary shape bacteria (55% versus 45%).</span></p> Aishah I. Shittu Kelechi L. Njoku Adeola A. Adesuyi Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-11 2019-07-11 1(19) 94 103 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-94-103 GREEN LIVING ROOF SIMULATION MODEL REVIEW <p>Integration of nature, live, organic materials, in the design of built areas and building structure is an architectural response to environmental problems of dense urban areas. At the site where green space is limited, greening the building envelope is the solution for the issues such as heat waves, flooding, and noise and air pollution. The benefits could be predicted only using accurate simulation model of this technology. The energy balance of green living roof was researched through models developed over the years by various authors. Most models have been developed and validated with data from extensive roofs and more than 50% of the models were validated using data from warm temperate climatic zones. Ability to determine the impact of green living roofs at different stages of their architectural design process is of most importance if the incorporation this technology is planned due to the impact on building and urban level.</p> Dimitrijević Jovanović Predrag (Miodrag) Zivkovic Jelena Janevski Mica Vukic Ana Momcilovic Dejan Jovanovic Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-12 2019-07-12 1(19) 104 110 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-104-110 PROBLEMS OF TOURISM RESOURCE USE IN THE MOUNTAINOUS UNITED TERRITORIAL COMMUNITIES OF IVANO-FRANKIVSK OBLAST <p>The article outlines main directions of resource use in the mountainous united territorial communities of Ivano-Frankivsk region. Tourism among other sectors of economy is a priority one, since it can rely on strong natural, historical and cultural potential combined with preserved ethnic traditions and traditional crafts in the studied region. The present state and problems of decentralization in Ukraine were studied. One of the problems of newly created territorial communities is the lack of methodological tools for the integrated use of tourist potential of the territories. The authors proposed an algorithm for developing the proposals for the tourism development within the local territorial communities. The tourism development is resulting in the appearance of new environmental threats within tourist destinations. The authors analyzed the features of tourism impact on the environment in the mountainous united territorial communities. The main environmental impacts of tourist destinations are changes in primary landscapes, water pollution, air pollution, and waste management. The article studied the problem of waste management in mountainous tourist destinations. The method of calculating the amount of waste generated by tourists and excursionists within tourist destinations was improved. Calculated amounts of waste generated by tourists and excursionists within united territorial communities of the mountainous districts of Ivano-Frankivsk region confirmed tourists' impact on the waste problem within the UTCs. Among the analyzed UTCs the problem of waste generation by tourists and excursionists is the most relevant in the united territorial communities of the Yaremche City Council, Dolyna and Kolomyia districts. High indicators of waste generation by tourists and excursionists further complicate the problem of waste management which was planned without taking into account the possible impact of tourists. Such circumstance aggravates the problem of waste management programs development within UTCs. The methodological approaches to the formation of waste management programs within the UTCs were proposed.</p> Ya. Korobeinykova Iu. Iuras Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-12 2019-07-12 1(19) 111 119 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-111-119 SUBMISSION OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR THE RECONCILIATION OF THE CITY DISTRICTS OF THE IVANO-FRANKIVSK REGION IN THE CONTEXT OF ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY <p>Creation of recreational infrastructure in the Carpathian region since 2000 has undergone a number of changes that took place in the socio-economic, political, demographic, geopolitical and other spheres. They put new demands on the creation of modern recreation facilities. The primary role in the recreational development of mountain areas of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast is to take into account the environmental requirements as a basic element of conservation of the environment for the development of recreation.<br>In previous studies, the analysis and evaluation of the potential of unused recreational resources of the region was carried out and features and factors of the architectural and planning organization were described. Allocated factors for the formation of the recreational sphere are divided into five groups: social; economic; demographic political ecological; those relating to the material and spiritual culture of the population.<br>The research substantiates the following requirements of the ecological safety of recreation development in the mountainous regions of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, namely: the requirement of compliance with regional development strategies and plans, which envisages the consideration and coordination of strategies and programs for preserving environmental safety at all levels of recreational zoning and design; deepening the scientific feasibility of design decisions to take into account environmental monitoring data, social orientation of architectural decisions in the formation of a recreational environment that involves changing the system of public discussions and work with territorial communities, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of the projected objects, which involves the use of alternative energy sources, energy saving materials and designs, as well as environmental safety of design solutions.<br><br></p> I. Smadych Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-12 2019-07-12 1(19) 120 129 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-120-129 ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT <p>Sustainable development of ecological education is a priority task which cannot be realized without active educational institutions participation. Raising of understanding of the need to use natural resources in environmentally acceptable way and be careful towards nature. It is important to organize educational process to inform children and youth about environmental protection problems. Children and youth are the driving force that can influence the environmental state in future. Institutional development of the sector of three-stage ecological education of youth (kindergartens and primary schools – secondary school – higher educational institutions) is the basis for the effective environmental education strategy implementation. The effectiveness of this activity is combination of forces for the achievement of effective result on the basis of determination of the main reference stages in the formal and informal environmental education. The effectiveness is the formation of a child's ability to specifically observe, explore, and make a correct assessment of objects and phenomena in the process of elementary observation. Training class is a characteristic feature of integration of pedagogy and ecology that will let teachers not be limited to traditional formation of ecological knowledge and skills. Participation in environmental events promotes environmental awareness of the younger generation, educating of proper attitude towards environment and helps to solve waste management problems. Participation in environmental activities enhances ecological awareness of pupils, the desire to be personally involved in solving of environmental problems of the region and of the country, improves awareness of various social groups. Developed strategy and action plan to enhance cooperation towards improving information policy for society, development of educational programs aimed at raising of public awareness in the sphere of environmental problems.</p> O. Mandryk M. Maliovanyi M. Orfanova Copyright (c) 2019 Ecological Safety and Balanced Use of Resources 2019-07-11 2019-07-11 1(19) 130 139 10.31471/2415-3184-2019-1(19)-130-139