• T. Kachala Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas
  • S. Kachala Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas



monitoring methods, oil, soil, expert, pollution, degradation, ecological safety field, hydrocarbons.


Monitoring can be considered one of the main methods of solving the problem of pedosphere pollution, because the necessary information to overcome the problems can be obtained only through the large-scale specific study. At present, there are some monitoring programs aimed at solving the problems, but they are not effective enough and, therefore, cannot completely fulfill their tasks.

The current problems of land monitoring in Ukraine are primarily related to its organization, which could provide the comprehensive and systematic accounting and assessment of the status of land in order to protect and improve the quality of agricultural soils. There is a need to create a permanent system of accounting, observation, comparison, measurement, inventory and forecasting of the ecological status of lands with the detection and registration of changes against the background of natural and anthropogenic processes, in the continuous functioning of the ecological monitoring service of land. Analyzing the studies in the field of monitoring the oil-contaminated soil on the territory of oil and gas fields, it becomes necessary to develop the new methods of ecological monitoring of the soil of depleted oil and gas fields in order to study the problem of pedosphere contamination.

The development results of a new method of environmental soil monitoring in depleted oil and gas fields are described. The method allows obtaining adequate information on the studied area. An important role in the new monitoring scheme is played by the method of locating soil sampling points, the benefits of which are the system’s flexibility in relation to the studied territory and complexity of research that does not necessarily depend on the size of the studied area. The proposed schemes introduce a new view of monitoring the soil, which is subjected to the heavy anthropogenic impact of the mining industry. The analyzed schemes help to develop new reclamation methods of the soil located in the depleted oil and gas fields, which is contaminated with hydrocarbons and drilling waste.


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