• Василь Триснюк



population morbidity, chemical-hazardous objects, natural-technogenic systems, exogenous geological processes, public health.


A new approach is proposed to develop a method of comprehensive assessment of life-threatening risks caused by increasing levels of anthropogenic loading, increasing the extent of degradation of land and water resources, changing landscapes, increasing the emissions and discharges of pollutants, depletion and recovery. The purpose of the study is to develop a method of comprehensive risk assessment of the living areas of individual territories, taking into account the impact of a set of natural, environmental, radiological factors inherent in the object of study. Achieving this goal will allow determination of the determinants of specific factors of health of the population and the natural environment, which is important for solving the problem of improving the health of the population and the ranking of areas for health and environmental risk. The estimation of life risks in the event of possible accidents at chemical-hazardous objects is based on the results of forecasting the probable consequences of such accidents, which is carried out taking into account the volume of hazardous chemical emissions, as well as the actual meteorological conditions. The prediction results determine the depth and area of ​​possible contamination, as well as the population that may be in the area]. Accidents at chemical hazardous objects with the release of hazardous chemicals occur due to industrial, structural, technological or operational reasons, or under the influence of external factors that cause damage to technological equipment, devices, structures, vehicles, etc. Based on the analysis of methods of risk assessment from emergencies, the traditional approach to the estimation of life risks at the object and regional level from possible accidents at chemically dangerous objects is improved, based on the results of forecasting the probability of accidental release of toxic substances and the negative consequences of an accident due to accidents. emissions and current meteorological conditions.


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