• H. Lysak Lviv National Agrarian University
  • M. Biliak Yavoriv National Nature Park
  • N. Panas Lviv National Agrarian University
  • O. Mazurak Lviv National Agrarian University



recreational facilities, locations, Yavoriv NNP, protection technologies


The article describes the tourist, recreational and environmental problems that arise as a result of the intensive use of recreational resources in nature parks and the possibilities of their protection. Yavoriv National Nature Park (NNP) successfully carries out the environmental protection, scientific and research, environmental and educational, and recreational activities. International conferences and seminars are held at the park. Teachers conduct thematic lessons in nature in the “soft skills” format, postgraduate students write dissertations and university teachers conduct practical training and research activities. The presence of 6 ecological and educational trails and 4 hiking trails make it possible to organize tours almost all year round. The park actively uses 5 recreational areas, which are in great demand among Ukrainian and foreign tourists. Cyclotourism is well-developed. It has been established [3] that the accumulation of a large number of people leads to the gradual degradation of natural habitats, destruction of vegetation, deterioration of soil, elimination of rare plant species and depletion of biodiversity. The article analyzes the current state of natural recreational centers of the Yavoriv NNP and identifies positive trends in the restoration of ecosystems and self-regulation of nature to the state of naturalization. However, if last year the tourism sector was suppressed by people’s fear of a pandemic caused by the Covid-19 Coronavirus, next year is not expected to be so inert: Ukrainians will travel abroad carefully, and domestic tourism will become popular. The protection technologies of forest, water recreational objects, flora and fauna of parks, measures to reduce the negative impact on soils are presented. Proposals have been made to intensify the ecological and cultural tourist movement in the Yavoriv NNP. It is recommended that the heads of the recreation department direct the staff-guides to advanced training courses, master classes on identifying the opportunities for modernization of ecological routes. A proposal was made to the local authorities to expand the promotion of recreational resources in Roztochia, provide eco-education to tourists as a brand of tourism in the park and increase funding for this area.



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