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екологічна безпека, газопроводи, довкілля, ґрунти, забруднення


During accidents of main gas pipelines, the main part of the environmental impact is pollution of
the atmospheric air by emissions of natural gas or products of its combustion during explosions and fires.
Also, when the gas pipeline is depressurized due to the occurrence of cracks, breaks and leaks, all this
leads to soil, surface and underground water pollution. The extent of damage will depend on the type and
size of the spill, the type and amount of waste generated, and the extent to which natural resources are
affected. Also, at each stage from the laying to the operation of pipelines, it is necessary to pay great
attention to the state of the environment and to prevent pollution and the possibility of emergency
situations, fires, explosions, and accidents. As a result of the analysis of ecological impacts on the
environment, a generalized classification of consequences by environmental factors and methods of
reducing the impact and consequences of gas transport infrastructure was developed. The article also
analyzes the main environmental consequences of the main pipelines' effects on the environment from
construction to operation under various conditions.


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